We sell many drums, all custom made, but its an easy process to pick the ones you want. All our drums come with the Monk Double Sound Chamber, directing your sound forward to your audience instead of down to the ground or the back of the room. Our Monk Double Sound Chamber has been refined this past decade by our craftsmen in partnership with professional hand percussionists to amplify, enhance, and direct your sound at high volume with low hand fatigue. Our play surfaces maximize tone range so it feels like you’ve got a whole kit in just one drum, depending on where you strike the surface. Once you play a Monk, you’ll immediately hear and feel the difference. We guarantee them for life because we want you to love them that long.

Custom Build – The majority of our drums are standard builds, with a standard or customized finish. But wood is our medium and we can customize the shape of the sound hole or dimensions of our drums to match your need. Just ask if you’d like a special shape. We can make the drums have a tall, built in base, so they can be played standing up, or a customized soundhole like a celtic cross, or inlaid wood. Let your imagination run wild and talk with our craftsman to nail down the practicalities of it.

Custom Finish – Many people like to be creative with their drum’s finish. Go with our basic natural wood Monk Drum finish, or if you’d like your drum to be even more unique we have some very talented local artists to put a custom finish on your drum. We’re very careful to maintain the playability and sound, so feel free to make your drum look amazing and unique. The drums on this gallery page are showcasing some of the amazing custom finishes we’ve done for our customers.

To customize the build or finish of your drum, just select that choice on checkout and a drum craftsman will contact you to chat about the details of what you’d like.

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These drums represent different custom builds and custom finishes.