Music, rhythm and poetry blended.

Rhythm comes from the creativity that sustains us.

It’s an eternal song. A drum of second chances
A drum can start someone on their second chance.
A rhythm that beats out in the vibration of contrasting elements


Drums with a Soul


Monk Drums is based in Chaparral, New Mexico, one of the poorest areas of the country. Our goal is to create good creative jobs for people in need by building the best hand-made drums in the country. These drums have been prototyped and designed over the last seven years by the Monk Drum team and many world class drummers, including Eric Boseman who has played with Whitney Houston, Cheryl Crow, Brian McKnight and many others.

We believe every drum is unique, just like the people who build and play them.  We use our drums to serve the marginalized and help provide jobs in our economically depressed area, all while creating friendships, compassionate communities, and beautiful instruments.

The goal of “Monk” drums is to provide “work worth doing” in the community, that can provide a “fair wage” for developing craftspeople and an easy entry for people in need of a second chance at life. Over the years we’ve had many people join us for a few days, weeks or months as they transition from a rough-patch in life to their next stage in life. Having an opportunity to work in a safe environment where they can earn a fair wage and mentor under good role models is one of our favorite offerings to the community.

Monk drums really are great drums. We offer a free lifetime repair or replacement guarantee on all of our drums. We want our customers to be inspired with their new drum, not only with the sound and look, but with the stories from individuals who have been a part of that drum’s story. These drums are more than just pieces of wood shaped into an instrument. They represent the lives of those who have been given a second chance.

Contact us directly and leave an everlasting handprint on your next drum investment. or give our head drum crafter a call at 575.448.1166



Monk Drums Sample Session


featuring Art Avila Jr., Eric Boseman and Jacob Neria


What Musicians Say

"We especially love our relationship with you and the integrity that drives your business to serve customer needs including very fair pricing, repairs and warrantees, and total satisfaction."

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