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Music, rhythm and poetry blended.

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Rhythm comes from the creativity that sustains us.

Slide background It’s an eternal song.
A drum of second chances.
Slide background A drum can start someone on their second-chance.
Slide background A rhythm that beats out in the
vibration of contrasting elements


Monk Drums Online               

Here in the American Southwest, there is an ancient and eternal conversation taking place between the desert landscape and the piercingly blue and immense sky. It’s heard in the rhythm that beats out in the vibration of contrasting elements: heat and cold, light and shadow, drought and cloudburst. Out of this rhythm comes the creativity that sustains Monk Drums.

Who is Monk Drums?

Monk Drums is based in New Mexico adjacent to Texas and the border of Mexico. We proudly specialize in designing handmade drums and flutes. We are also a community-minded initiative, presenting revolutionary and imaginative instruments with game-changing sound and feel.

What is a Monk Drum?

All Monk Drums are devised and handcrafted within the Desert Rain Community. Every drum presents quality craftsmanship with its signature low-end bass, LOUD rich tones, and an honest, industry leading lifetime warranty that surpasses all other percussion hand-drums featured in popular magazines and industry expo’s.

Contact us directly and leave an everlasting handprint on your next drum investment. Day or night via email – info@monkdrums.com or give us a call directly at 575-567-3067

Monk Drums Sample Session

Jam session featuring Art Avila Jr., Eric Boseman and Jacob Neria

Drums – Current Promotion: Free Bongo Set with Any Drum Purchase


Latest Reviews

"These are beautiful drums. I love playing them and I love the lifetime warranty. I know if anything goes wrong, I can just bring it for them to adjust."

 Donny Cannoy - Drummer & Certified Tutor